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charlotteats pumpkinAnother holiday has come and gone with our baby. It is such a delight to celebrate holidays with a new member of the family and see everything that come with it through new eyes. It truly sparks my own excitement all over again, and it’s so tempting to go overboard with decorations and food, but some things are a must, like carving a pumpkin. This year Charlotte helped her father clean out the pumpkin and I did the carving. It’s a big chore, but afterwards the reward are the amazing seeds that you can roast. A little coconut oil and sea salt, and you have an easy super food to snack on.

Halloween has always been a big part of my childhood. Growing up in the States, everyone celebrated the holiday, and every year we always tried to outdo the year before. After living in Australia for more than a decade, we have seen the holiday grow more momentum and thankfully some of the best parts have become the norm. For example, now it’s so easy to find the big orange pumpkins to carve. My first year, we carved a Queensland blue pumpkin! What a pain and struggle that was!!

charlotteats bananasAs fun as holidays can be for the whole family, the focus on food or sweets can cause a bit of stress and anxiety to parents of a PKU child. I have met other parents who have said the most difficult time for them is actually holidays. I was shocked by this, because shouldn’t that time be the most fun? Think over your own holiday celebrations and I would wager a guess to say that a lot of the celebrations focused around food. Why not? It’s a time to gather with friends and family, sit around a big table and enjoy food and drink especially prepared for the day. After having Charlotte, our focus became less about the food and more about the activities.charlotteats cookies

This year we hosted a small toddler Halloween party to do just that. While I did make some PKU appropriate cookies and Charlotteats pumpkin pie, the real focus was on what we made with the kids. There are a plethora of craft ideas out there; just type Halloween and kids and look what pops up. Pinterest itself may be overwhelming with the truly amazing moms out there photographing their own time consuming projects. For our group of toddlers, we kept things simple.

  • skeleton bone dance – “the foot bone connected to the leg bone”…etc….
  • black cat and ghost felt hand puppets
  • ghost ball throwing…(popular with the boys)
  • pumpkin gel sensory bag…(popular with the babies)
  • card paper cut outs for gluing and drawing over
  • paper plate mask decorating…(popular with the moms)
  • play-doh with Halloween themed cookie cutters…(the most popular with all the kids)

               charlotteats halloween party  charlotteats halloween 1

What did you do for Halloween? Any good ideas that you’d like to share? What do you do for older children?

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