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Minimalist Christmas Decorating

charlotteats christmas tree 3For me, part of the fun of living at the beach in Sydney is that Christmas can be different every year and a real tree does not need to be a part of the celebrations. For my husband; however, he prefers a more traditional Christmas with the good old-fashioned Christmas tree. Last year we did it his way; this year was mine. I argued that it was a more budget conscience option, which in a way it was. Although I did spend probably two hours looking on-line for a high res image of a single tree with snow.

We have lived in Australia for eleven years now and in that time we have never been back to the northern hemisphere for Christmas. Blame it on the cost of airfare during the holidays. Really I miss it terribly. Christmas just is not the same without cold, snow, and venturing out onto the ice to visit family. Here, it’s all about the sun, surf and barbie (that’s BBQ) with prawns. In the 30 degree heat, who feels like eating a big Christmas dinner or even cook one? Our dream (or goal really) is to have two wintry Christmases: snow and skiing in Utah with the family, (*note, I cannot ski to save my life; nor do I have any interest. This comment is purely for the husband) and walking through the Christmas markets in Germany with a gluhwein (*note again…this one is my dream as it may be a bit too kitsch for the hubby coming from Dresden). So maybe next year the blog  will have a more traditional Christmas look.

charlotteats christmas tree 6Back to decorating in a cost-effective and truly minimalist style; of which I greatly favour. This year, we printed the tree (as stated earlier), hung some fairy lights and Charlotte added some stickers to it. We also hung a wreath (I love wreaths!), and for a bit of whimsy we hung a few paper balls (they will be recycled for Charlotte’s birthday next month…sorry baby). Finally, we added a bit of gold and silver as accents.  There you go, a minimalist family Christmas to which everyone can contribute. Happy holidays everyone!

charlotteats wreath 1

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