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Travelling with a PKU Baby or Toddler – part four: EDIT & CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES

Now that you have a list, consider how much you can actually carry then EDIT!

A great place to start is to consider the bulky items, such as travel cots, prams or strollers, car seats, bath and mealtime equipment. Are these items that you can arrange to have delivered to your destination rather than carrying them with you?

If you’re staying with friends or family, ask if they already have some of this equipment that you can use. If you’re staying at hotels, most will have cots that can be set up in your room before you even arrive. (This should be a criterion when looking for hotels. If they have cots, they’re bound to be more baby-safe also.)


I have found that there are several companies that cater directly to the travelling family market. In some cities, you can rent baby and toddler equipment online for a daily or weekly rate and have it delivered either to the destination airport or to your place of stay (hotel or residential address). We actually use Just Take the Kids every time we travel to Melbourne. We choose the type of pram (and sometimes cot) we want to rent online and they deliver it to our destination and will even pick it up. It is the easiest way to travel for our family and Charlotte gets so excited about a new pram waiting for her in our hotel room. We highly recommend them.

I have also found that some airlines will have a pram or stroller rental within the airport at your destination city. This is another great idea as you can use it at the airport and bring it back when you check back in for your return flight.

charlotteats pram rental

just take the kids pram rental

charlotteats travel cot

travel cot sleeping 



What a loaded question…and one that elicits a lot of different opinions! For us, it is far easier to travel with a baby carrier than a pram or stroller. Yet for some families, the pram is the way to go because that’s the only way the baby will sleep when out and about. I can see the attraction of putting the baby to sleep in the pram, especially when out to a restaurant. However, for us it’s another thing to lug around made even more difficult when you have luggage.

We love the baby carrier! Charlotte sleeps beautifully in it and still does. It helps with weight distribution and allows us to be hands-free (again helpful when handling luggage). We even used it on the plane when we needed help settling her to sleep. It was a comfortable and recognizable space when in a strange environment.

charlotteats tokyo shrine

We also found that in big cities like Tokyo where there are so many people, the carrier just took up less space on the streets and allowed us to access stairs and escalators. (There are very few lifts at the Tokyo train stops. Something to keep in mind!) We also found that most of the toilets in Tokyo had baby seats mounted to the walls next to the toilet. This was a fantastic thing that you do not see very often in Sydney. It allowed us to take the baby out of the carrier and keep her secure off the floor. We loved it!

charlotteats tokyo wc*Airport Note: Regardless if you have the baby in a pram or carrier, when you go through the security checkpoint, you have to take the baby out and place the carrier or pram through the x-ray. A pain in the ass; especially when they’re asleep during time zone changes!! Just another thing to consider when booking flights and holidays with babies!



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