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Travelling with a PKU Baby or Toddler – part one: ASK QUESTIONS

photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

When we began preparing for our family’s around-the-world trip, we spoke to her clinical Doctor and Dieticians for advise. We asked a lot of questions, such as:

“How will we stay in contact with our clinic at home while abroad?”

“How often should we perform the blood work and how can we get it back to the lab at home?”

“What type of support network do we have abroad at our destination? Where and who are the local clinics?”

“What type and how much food and medical supplements should we pack?”

“Do we need letters from our Doctor to get food and supplements through Customs?”

Asking questions will open your dialogue with your clinic and make them aware of your plans. Your doctor will provide you with letters for Customs and give you advise about travelling with medical food and supplements. They may also have contacts with the local clinic at your destination that may come in handy in case of emergencies.

You can arrange to have someone at home or at the clinic on standby to post any items (such as prescriptions) that you may have forgotten.

Having a team of specialists aware of your travel plans is vital when you are preparing to travel with a PKU or medically dependent baby or toddler.

Claridge’s: photo courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Go to or 0330 100 3180 to book.


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