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Travelling with a PKU Baby or Toddler – part two: TIME ZONES

We considered the main cities we wished to travel and the time differences between them. An Around-the-World flight was really the best option for us because it actually becomes less airtime and fewer major stopovers. We also made the decision to stop for an extended amount of time between major time zones. One of the main considerations was the 23 hour-long trip back home from Europe. There are no direct flights and there is usually at least 1 stopover.

With the flight being so long, we knew we would have to stay over in a major Asian city for at least a few days to adjust to the time difference. We chose to come home via Tokyo because it is the same time zone as Sydney. (In the end it made adjusting to Sydney time much easier!)

Our travel log looked like this:

Leg 1: Sydney to Salt Lake City via Los Angeles (Family visit) = 2 airplanes

Leg 2: Salt Lake City to New York City (stopover and visit Friends) = 1 airplane

Leg 3: New York City to Dresden via Frankfurt (Family visit) = 2 airplanes

Leg 4: Dresden to Munster (Family visit) = 1 airplane and 1 car for 2 hours

Leg 5: Munster to Dresden = 1 car for 6 hours

Leg 6: Dresden to Tokyo via Frankfurt (stopover) = 2 airplanes

Leg 7: Tokyo to Sydney = 1 airplane

TOTAL = 9 airplanes and 2 car trips


When booking your flights, consider the time of day you will be travelling. Try to choose those flights that will work best with your baby’s natural sleeping routine. Keep in mind that the long flights and shorter connection flights may be the easiest as it may work in favour with your baby’s sleep routine.

Some mothers have had positive experiences with straight through flights instead of the stopover. Consider how long your connection will be if it actually would be easier for your baby or toddler to keep going onto another long-haul flight. I found that this was more of an option at the beginning of a long holiday. Once you start travelling, your baby will become familiar with the travel routine.

photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo

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