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charlotteats is no longer on Facebook

Sadly, I have decided to remove the charlotteats page from Facebook. This was a decision I made as a mother after unintentionally watching a graphically violent video that was posted by a ‘friend’. The video played on its own without the need of pressing play. I was shocked and sickened by the images brought into my home without my consent and it left me shaking for days. As a result I decided to remove my page and charlotteats from this social media.

I write this blog as a way of showing my love to my daughter with strict dietary considerations and with a hope that it may also find its way to others looking for the same inspirations. This blog has been founded in love and sharing and is in complete contrast to the unwelcomed content sent to us. Therefore, it was my decision to disassociate my blog with Facebook.

It saddens me as I know many of charlotteats followers follow us via Facebook. I hope you will continue to show your support by following us via email.

In a way of showing my love to you, I have just uploaded the Apple Pie recipe I was developing at the time of this horrible event. I hope someone will make it and let others know about the site.

Love, Kristi and Charlotte


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