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Vegan & Low Protein Chocolate

I am always on the search to find specialty food items that would suit every member of my family and their specific diet needs. If you follow my blog or have just stumbled upon it (thank you by the way!), you would know that I write or amend recipes for my daughter who has PKU but also for my own sensitivities and intolerances (gluten, lactose, fructose and low sugar). So when I look at recipes, I have to know which items I can substitute to suit. I aim to use as much natural and seasonal foods as I can, but sometimes I need to use off-the-shelf items too.

This has led me to start a new section in the blog entitled ‘FINDS’ where I can share my discoveries of both products and local Sydney restaurants with you. Because we all can’t cook from scratch all the time.

mini moo chocolates charlotte eatsmini moo chocolates labels charlotte eats

When making the Vegan Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Cake for my husband’s birthday, I was so excited to find vegan, lactose free chocolate that was also low in protein. That’s right! I found a nice chocolate bar that is vegan, lactose free and low in protein. (I repeated that for effect.) The company is called Moo Free and I have only tried a couple of their products: the ‘original dairy free bar’ and the ‘bunnycomb bar’ (no honey is found in the bunnycomb bar).

Charlotte loved them and so did I. They are also good to use in baking and they come with holiday-specific chocolates too. The characters are appealing to children and don’t scream ‘health food’. I’ve included shots of the ingredients and nutritional information for you as well.

If you find any great products that you think I should know about, please send me the information. I’m always on the search as I know other parents of PKU children are as well. It is great to share these finds. Thanks!

mini moo chocolates labels charlotte eatsmini moo chocolates labels charlotte eats



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