charlotte eats raw matcha mint chocolate 'cheesecake'
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Vegan Raw Matcha, Mint & Chocolate ‘Cheesecake’

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Vegan, Fructose Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Adapted from Kenko Tea
Total Protein Count: 99.3 g Protein
12 Serves = 8.3 g Protein per serve
Not Suitable for a PKU diet

This dessert is a matcha ‘cheesecake’ or mock cake that has a vegan restaurant quality and is surprisingly so easy to make. Truth be told, I have always loved the look of matcha desserts; in particular, raw ‘cheesecakes’, but I always thought they looked too difficult to make. Curiosity won out and here is the recipe that I adapted from one I found on Kenko Tea‘s recipe list. (Which is actually where I get my matcha tea.)

A word of warning, this is not a PKU dessert! The other curious side of me wanted to actually count up the grams of protein in this vegan cake. I knew it would be high but at nearly 100 grams of protein for the whole cake, I would never be tempted to even give a ‘taste’ to Charlotte. All those beautiful vegan cakes in the cafes are a real no-no!

I will still be in search of a matcha cake suitable for a low PKU diet.

What is Matcha?

If you haven’t been on board the matcha tea craze over the last few years, you might be asking what it is or know it only as the bright green powder. Well if you are, I’ll just mention quickly that it is a special type of Japanese green tea. Instead of soaking the tea leaves, matcha leaves are ground into a fine powder then mixed with water. That way you drink the nutrients of the leaves rather than typically throwing them out with the bag. It is a great drink and also wonderfully fun to ‘bake’ with. I say ‘bake’ because this is a mock cake. It is all raw; no baking involved.

charlotte eats raw matcha mint chocolate 'cheesecake'

I was inspired to make this lovely cake when I decided to host a Japanese-themed dinner party. The menu consisted of a green salad with sashimi, vegetable curry and my gyoza (check it out here if you need a reminder), finished with the Vegan Raw Matcha, Mint & Chocolate ‘Cheesecake’.

The first impression this vegan cake will make is the strong sense of mint. In fact, if you find mint overwhelming you may want to cut back or omit the peppermint extract. For us, once past the first bite, it tasted like a healthy mint patty (as my husband hinted at during the dinner).

The healthy portion of the cake is definitely the greens; not just the matcha, but the spinach and mint as well. Don’t be fooled in thinking this is a bland vegetarian/vegan desert with hidden veggies. It holds its own and ends a meal feeling satisfied.

The chocolate component comes first, in the base with the raw cacao powder I always have in the fridge. Followed with the decadent drizzle of melted mint chocolate on top. When the cake has set in the freezer, the melted chocolate will harden on impact. So be decisive with how you want to add the choctop. Once it’s there, you can’t change it; otherwise, it will look messy.

The trick to making the cake so beautiful is the final decorating. The intensity of green in the matcha adds that amazing theatrical colour, so it may be best to add the powder before serving. The matcha will lose its powerful colour with oxidation. Lastly, the chopped pistachios and mint leaves add more tones of green and texture.

Give it a go and have fun!

charlotte eats raw matcha mint chocolate 'cheesecake'

2 cups / 200 g shredded coconut (13.6g Protein)
1 cup / 200 g medjool dates pitted (4g Protein)
½ cup / 50 g LSA (10g Protein)
¼ cup / 15 g raw cocoa powder (4g Protein)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
pinch of salt


2½ cups / 350 g raw cashews (soaked for at least 4 hrs in water to soften) (63.7 g Protein)
½ cup coconut water
¼ cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 Tbsp maple syrup or rice malt syrup
1 cup / 40 g spinach (1g Protein)
2 cups fresh mint
1 tsp peppermint extract
1 Tbsp matcha green tea powder, plus more to dust


½ block quality mint chocolate (I used Lindt, 3 g Protein)
mint leaves, torn
pistachios, chopped
½ teaspoon matcha powder


In a round cake tin, line the base with baking paper. Blend base ingredients, add water if dry to create a slightly sticky consistency. Place into tin, press down with fingers until even and place in freezer to set.

Meanwhile blend cashews, coconut water, coconut oil, vanilla extract and sweetener and blend until smooth. Pour in a third to half of the filling into the cake tin and leave the rest for the green tea layer.

With remaining cashew filling, add in spinach, mint, peppermint extract and matcha powder, blend until combined and pour into the cake tin. Place in freezer and let it set for about 4 hours.

Break up chocolate bar in a heat proof bowl, boil water in a saucepan and place bowl in water. Let the chocolate melt, and drizzle onto the cake. Add a sprinkle of matcha powder, mint and pistachio nuts.

Store in fridge or freezer.


– If you find peppermint quite strong, reduce or omit the extract.
– If the base mixture is not holding it’s shape, you can add 1 Tbsp of tahini, mix with 1/4 cup of water and this should add thickness .

charlotte eats raw matcha mint chocolate 'cheesecake'



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