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Low Protein Muesli

Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 5.2 g Protein (with milk)
Serving Size = 1 cup
4 Serves = 1.3 g Protein per serve

charlotteats no protein muesli

I am so excited to share this charlotteats low protein muesli recipe with you! So much so that I’ve decided to add a muesli recipe for every member of our family. I eat the Gluten & Lactose Free Muesli and my husband loves the ‘Gluten Free’ Bircher Muesli. Read More

charlotteats FODMAP strawberries
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What is the low FODMAP diet?

I spend a lot of time discussing the PKU diet but have not yet discussed my own dietary restrictions. I follow the low FODMAP diet, and as you can see, have tagged certain recipes as ‘FODMAP friendly’. I began following this diet after being diagnosed with Fructose Malabsoption, Lactose Intolerance and Gluten Sensitivity following a hydrogen breath test performed through consultations with a Naturopath. Many people have asked me what the low FODMAP diet is, so I have given a basic explanation below but would really recommend to do some research or better yet, discuss it with your Naturopath or Nutritionalist. I have provided a list of further readings below. Read More

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Colourful Pancakes for Easter

Happy Easter! 2 years ago, I shared my Colourful Pancakes made with fruit and veggies instead of food colouring to achieve the bold colours. I thought I would share these recipes with you again this year. As I re-read this post, it has sparked more ideas on how to add even more colours naturally! Stay tuned….

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charlotte eats hanging easter eggs
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Easter Celebration without the Candy

This being Easter long weekend, I thought I would share a past post where I shared how my family gets ready for the holiday.  In fact, as I am sharing this, I can see the same eggs that we decorated 2 years ago when this post was written 2 years ago! They are hanging on the plants on our apartment balcony in Sydney. They are so festive, but best of all, they are real!

I hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) it as much as I did. Happy Easter!  Let me know how you celebrate this holiday; I’d love to know!

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charlotte eats lettuce cup tacos
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Lettuce Cup Taco Family Meal

Vegetarian, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: see below
8-10 Serves

Looking for the perfect detox family meal after indulging a bit heavily over the holidays? Our preferred way of detoxing is not by starving ourselves, but by eating food that is super fresh, home-made and unprocessed. The Lettuce Cup Taco is our family’s favourite ‘post indulgent’ meal.

I have wanted to share this PKU-family friendly dish for a long time now. In fact, I finally got a bit organized and am sharing with you 3 separate interpretations: Vegetarian (made with Portobello mushrooms), Fish and Fruit tacos; all assembled in a fresh lettuce leaf. Read More

charlotte eats salsa
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Tomato Salsa

Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 0 g Protein
8-10 Serves: 0 g Protein per serve

Another staple side dish in our house is a tomato salsa. Why would you buy a prepackaged version when you can make the best-tasting and looking salsa yourself? I decided to share with you a seasonally fresh version with a pleasant kick to it. If you don’t want the heat from the pepper, you can omit it or replace with a milder pepper. Read More

charlotte eats guacamole
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Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 2 g Protein
8-10 Serves: 0.25 g Protein per serve

Guacamole! It is a side dish, a main, a snack and is ridiculously easy to make. In our house could not live without it. We make it every time we have an impromptu get-together, but more commonly when we’re just feeling a bit peckish. It boggles the mind that anyone would buy a store-bought version which is usually runny and tasteless. Read More

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Orange and Chia Cake with Sugared Rosemary

Vegetarian, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

adapted from donna hay

Total Protein Count: 22.5g Protein
12 Serves = 1.9 g Protein per serve

Christmas is just around the corner now, and this simple yet festively-beautiful cake is a perfect addition to your holiday celebrations. In fact, of all the cakes I’ve made; this is my husband’s favourite. I can’t take the credit; it was adapted from Donnay Hay’s recipe to make it suitable for a PKU diet. Read More

charlotteats german breakfast
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Shopping for PKU and Food Intolerance in Germany

‘How do we find food that will cater to our family’s dietary restrictions when we travel?’

I dare to say it is the one of (if not the single-most) cause of stress for families living with conditions such as PKU or other restricted diets when they travel. The expected stresses of travel are somewhat easy to predict. Yet the constant worry of ‘where to find food we can eat’ is not so easy to sort out and plan without doing some planning beforehand.

I was so excited to write this blog post and share with you what we discovered on our latest family holiday to Germany. It was alike to uncovering treasure! (At least for us it was treasure.) We found where and what to buy when shopping!! So… I have passed on our experience on to you so; hopefully, someone else will find it as useful as we do.

I focus on FOOD SHOPPING in Germany in this post; rather than DINING OUT. (Another valid worry while traveling.)

In my earlier posts where I wrote about traveling with babies and children, I discuss the importance of planning in general when preparing to travel abroad. In this post, I discuss how some foreseen stresses can be diminished with: (1) a good strategy, (2) understanding where to go shopping for specialist food items, (3) buying items on-line before-hand and (4) understanding foreign words or logos to find the products you may not have known you could use.

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charlotte eats cauliflower pizza
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Pizza with Cauliflower Base

Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 7.7 g Protein
2 x 20cm pizzas or 4 Serves = 2 g Protein per serve

I love to make pizza! This meal brings the family together on a weekend, allows everyone a bit of creativity in the kitchen and can be made as individual sizes to suit everyone’s preferences and dietary requirements. It is also a great way of adding more vegetables to a picky preschooler’s menu in the form of a cauliflower base and vegetable-based sauce such as sun-dried tomato sauce or kale pesto.

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charlotte eats raw matcha mint chocolate 'cheesecake'
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Vegan Raw Matcha, Mint & Chocolate ‘Cheesecake’

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Vegan, Fructose Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Adapted from Kenko Tea
Total Protein Count: 99.3 g Protein
12 Serves = 8.3 g Protein per serve
Not Suitable for a PKU diet

This dessert is a matcha ‘cheesecake’ or mock cake that has a vegan restaurant quality and is surprisingly so easy to make. Truth be told, I have always loved the look of matcha desserts; in particular, raw ‘cheesecakes’, but I always thought they looked too difficult to make. Curiosity won out and here is the recipe that I adapted from one I found on Kenko Tea‘s recipe list. (Which is actually where I get my matcha tea.)

A word of warning, this is not a PKU dessert! The other curious side of me wanted to actually count up the grams of protein in this vegan cake. I knew it would be high but at nearly 100 grams of protein for the whole cake, I would never be tempted to even give a ‘taste’ to Charlotte. All those beautiful vegan cakes in the cafes are a real no-no!

I will still be in search of a matcha cake suitable for a low PKU diet.

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Gluten-free Apple Crumble

Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 2.6 g Protein
10 Serves = 0.25 g Protein per serve

It has become cold all of the sudden here in Sydney; perfect baking weather! Still in season are apples, not just any apples, the best smelling fresh apples that infuse the whole house with that wonderful autumn aroma. Charlotte loves apples but I did not feel like making the Charlotteats apple pie, so a crumble is a quick and easy alternative. It is also a fun family dish to make that a busy three year old can easily help with. Read More