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Pumpkin Pie – Low Protein

Vegan, Low Protein (PKU), Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Total Protein Count: 4 g Protein (without topping)
8 Serves = 0.5 g Protein per serve

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I am so happy that I can adapt one of my favourite recipes for Charlotte, and she loves it! It has less pumpkin than my other recipe, but it’s still pumpkin so check the quantity against your allowance if you are cooking for a PKU diet. Also if you add the whipped coconut cream, make sure you measure and count it that too. Read More

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Pumpkin Pie

Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Not suitable for PKU Diets.
8 Serves

final 2Every year, I bake a pumpkin pie for Halloween. It has become a tradition with my family and friends. I have always loved this dessert and I can easily say it is my favorite pie. Perhaps it’s because I never really liked pies or cakes and this pie seems to fall outside the typical sweet category. Every year, I experiment with the recipe. I have to say the quinoa crust has been my favourite and constant. Read More